Case Study:
A Blockchain Crowdsale Product


In my role at Etherparty, a blockchain company, our mission is to make blockchain accessible for the masses. Designing for the blockchain poses many difficult problems.

Below is just a small selection of some features & prodcuts I've worked on.

UX Designer project

My role: Working with a team of talented designers and one researcher, we launched a powerful crowdsale product. I joined the team while they had the some of the app designed. I did a mixture of UX and UI, designing several features. I also focused on explaining the value proposition to new users.

Year: 2018

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

In the blockchain and crypto space,security is key. But this can be a drag on the user experience. I strived for a balance of security and a seamless experience. I wanted to encourage users to activate 2FA, but we don’t force it for new users. That’s a lot of friction up front to ask of a new user. Instead, I designed the product to require 2FA only for important, or security sensitive activities.

Instead, I chose to allow users to create accounts without activating 2FA. However, the app encourages people to activate it. I explored a couple of different options (below) on how to achieve this.

User journey map Two Factor Authentication

Based on some user feedback, I proceeded with a combination of option 2 and 3. This shows users a dismissable banner, and also move important actions, to require 2FA before proceeding. This gives our users peace of mind. Security is a priority.

Two Factor Authentication design step 0 Two Factor Authentication design step 2 Two Factor Authentication design step 4
A simple multi-step process, hiding all unnecessary information.

Feature Tour page

The problem
Our app was behind a paywall. Users couldn’t see the value in our product, because they couldn’t try it for themselves. In blockchain, there is a lot of hype. Until users can actually use a product, it’s hard to know if a company is just hype.

A Two Part Solution:
1. Move the paywall to be at the end of the app, so all users can use 90% of the product.
2. I also proposed and designed a feature tour page, to reinforce our value proposition. This will entice more users at the top of the funnel to create an account, and use the application. Or it can just better explain our product to people browsing through our product.

Two Factor Authentication
Our first visual design. Ready to ship!

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